Work in Progress

Work in Progress

images/mp4/2017_01_16/1030925.mp4|Valentines Fieldtown – new version in its formative stages! 0925
images/mp4/2017_01_09/1030900.mp4|The Furze Field tune. Dance? 0900

Miss Katherine Jane Spree - new dance suggestion

by Dave Hubbard from a suggestion by Ali Higgs:


Common figures

A corner type chorus – all face the centre of the set

First corners wave and bow

Second corners ditto

Meanwhile the middles have already stepped back to form a circle to do their wave and bow

All FTJ and Jimmy Page roll across to the opposite place, galley to face out.

First corners closed sidestep left and right

Ditto second corners (but starting straight after 1st corners SSL)

I think the third corners would only have time for one SS

All FTJ and dance half round back to original place.

Second chorus, same waves and bows, JP roll etc, then could be plain capers

Third and Fourth times through, slows.


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