The Bull

The Bull Fieldtown

091109  | 9 November 2009 # The Bull (Fieldtown)

o Tops face each other, middles and bottoms face up, tops strike one another, bottoms strike middles.
o Bottoms face each other, tops and middles face down, bottoms strike each other, tops strike middles.
o Middles strike bottoms, tops strike each other.
o Middles strike tops, bottoms strike each other.
o Half-hey, both arms (rather than single arm sidesteps in most of our Fieldtown stick dances).
o Repeat sticking and half-hey. Sticking sequence by person, not position.

When striking or being struck, stamp the ground in front of you with your heel in time with the clash. In most dances where we do this, it is right foot when you strike, left foot when you are struck – it isn't so obvious for this dance – to be resolved.