On the Spot

On the Spot Fieldtown

audio src="/tunes/On the Spot" style="background="#1EAFEB" what is the tune please?

091005  | 5 October 2009 On the Spot

Crossovers are Jimmy Page Roll, others coming in with backsteps except last time when all galley left. Keep the set shape and keep the lines of 3 in chorus, back-to-back, etc.

In the chorus, timing of sticking is critical. Don't travel too far out at ends of hey, so that you can get back into the hey with the correct timing.

Make the square shape of the set, particularly in the hey. Need to work on the ending.

091012  | 12 October 2009 # On the Spot

New ending:
o On the last rounds, middles stay in the centre after the first half and begin the lift while the corners dance the second half of the rounds.
o When the centre person is coming down after the lift, the A-music starts up and corners backstep out into rounds. They travel round the circle back to position, allowing the middles to backstep out into the circle and then all dance off. Need to work on timing for backsteps (a whole A of music or just a half A?).
o Back corners get rid of sticks once the lift starts to come down.

091109  | 9 November 2009 # On the Spot (Fieldtown)

Jimmy page roll in the crossover figure. Corners dance it first – straight in, do not hesitate. Then middles, corners, middles. Those not crossing dance doublestep sequence with backsteps, except the final time when everybody galleys left. Make the set square at the end of each crossover.