Haste to the Wedding

Haste to the Wedding Fieldtown

091005  | 5 October 2009 Haste to the Wedding

Sequence is hey (without galleys) – rounds – hey – rounds – hey - rounds. Similar dance structure to the Rose (above).

Same comments apply regarding the switching between circle formation and set formation – middles have to make it happen.

First rounds is normal two doublesteps round circle and in, then 4 backsteps out to set, sidestep left, sidestep right and galley left. Rounds back to place, repeating sequence, but galley right.

Second and third rounds are with the slows. One slow round the circle, one turning to face in, one travelling in and the one back into set. The sidesteps and galley. Easy way into rounds when returning. Keep the wavers high and strong in the sidesteps. This is a tiring dance and there is a tendency for the arms to snatch down – avoid this.

Finish with galley up and out.