The Bampton Stick Dance (Eynsham)

100215  | 15 February 2010 # 42nd (Eynsham)

Always turn left in casts, etc.

Keep the body upright, the head up, and don't dance into the ground.

For the Can Can finish, rest hands on the nearer shoulders of the people next to you – ie don't put your arms around their necks.

The Can Can finish starts with the left leg and is left knee – left kick – right knee – right kick – left
knee – left kick – etc.

100208  | 8 February 2010 # 42nd (Eynsham)

Right foot start.

The "show" is right foot out to the side, right foot behind, right foot kicks in front, feet together. The stepping sequence is 6 doublesteps, show.

Doublesteps are danced across the body, with the arms coming straight down for the first (right foot lead) and the arms coming across one another for the second (left foot lead).

Dance structure is:
o Foot up (turning left on the show), foot down (turning left on the show).
o Cast in pairs. Top couple cast left to bottom of set, others dance 4 doublesteps on the spot and
then everybody move up one place on the last two doublesteps. Repeat twice more to get back to
o All cast left.
o Into line. All dance up to form a single line at the front, going to the left of the person in front.

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