Old Marlborough

Old Marlborough Fieldtown

100215  | 15 February 2010 # Old Marlborough (Fieldtown)

The transfer of body weight during the heel and toe step is key to getting it right.

For the first heel step (when the weight is placed onto the heel), the heel shouldn't be too far forward.

100208  | 8 February 2010 # Old Marlborough (Fieldtown)

Heel and toe step. Preparatory spring onto right foot and then left heel, right toe, left heel and spring onto the left foot. Repeat in reverse. There is a transfer of body weight onto the first heel step and the toe step, but not the last heel step.

Aim to get height with the spring step.

Should always be on the toe or heel – don't get flat footed. Sequence is 4 heel and toe steps, 2 backsteps, ftj.

Important to get into line in the hey, ready for the arms to come out strongly for the backsteps.