Nine Mens Morris

Nine Mens Morris Fieldtown

091102  | 2 November 2009 # Nine Men’s Morris

Foot Up/Down: Galley left both times.

Hey: Everybody lead with right arm sidestep. Up first time, rotate ¼ turn clockwise for each half hey.

Cross-Over: One doublestep on spot, one across, backsteps to place. Corners 1st & 3rd time, middles 2nd and

4th time. Keep the set square – particularly the corners.

Rounds: Left line of 3 and front middle go straight into rounds, others turn out. Corners finish with 2 plain capers and then lift the middle person. Middles finish with 4 plain capers and then down on right knee, arms out, facing middle.

Chorus: All facing up, long sidestep sequence and then backs leapfrog over middles and then fronts, and all backstep, ftj.

100301  | 1 March 2010 Nine Men's Morris

In the hey:

o All face "up" the line of 3.
o All lead right hand into right sidestep, which means all turn right shoulder back into the backsteps.
o Dance the hey in lines of 3 and don't turn to face the new direction until the jump.

In the crossovers:
o One doublestep on the spot, one to cross over.
o Keep the set square, particularly the corners who must back out fully into the corner of the square.

At the end, corners must remember that they are lifting the middle !!!