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Summer season 2019 , Festivals and local events, plus most Danceouts on THURSDAY evenings, see on the Menu below! 


Come and see us at the 40th

- Ceilidh Spot Friday night 25th July, all round the Festival Site and Town Saturday, Sunday. All Tickets available on-line HERE (opens new TAB or Window)

Great Western Morris started up in Exeter in the late 1960's.

We dance mainly around Exeter in East Devon but have travelled widely over the years as far as Ireland, France, Italy, Czech Republic, USA - and Cornwall. 

For entertaining morris dancing, full of fun and excitement, come and see Great Western Morris - or, better still, come and give it a go!

Morris has been around for a long time. A very long time. It’s been linked to dances performed by the medieval Spanish moors ("moorish dancing"; something very similar is still danced in the Basque Country) and Henry VIII was a keen dancer.

All the stuff about fertility and crops is almost certainly complete nonsense. On the other hand there definitely are strong historical links with having fun and drinking beer, and collecting money during hard times.

Most of our dancing is based on styles danced in two Cotswold villages; Leafield (usually known amongst Morris Dancers as ‘Fieldtown’) and Bampton. ‘Cotswold’ Morris is the style associated with handkerchiefs (‘wavers’), bells and sticks.

Great Western likes to put on a good show of ‘Performance Morris’; dancing with character, audience contact and a high entertainment value. We try not take it too seriously, but work hard to please. Come and see where we danced last Summer and this Summer 2019
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