(5 November 2009)

Fieldtown – General Style


o Keep body upright.
o Keep head up, looking ahead.
o Use arms to keep balance – don’t let them flail around.

o Dance in a way which is strong and confident.
o Make it look as though you are dancing high.

o Emphasise the wavers when they are high.
o Fully extend the arms upward.
o Try to hold the wavers high for a moment and let them “float” down.
o Avoid snatching your arms down.
o Do not bring your arms down behind your body.

o Make it strong and deliberate.
o Emphasise beat 3 to give a surge and a sense of dancing high.

Key features.
o Emphasise distinctive features of Great Western style – eg “up and out" at the beginning, arms
“up and over” when coming out of rounds, backsteps along the lines in the hey, etc.

Dancing Together
o Be aware of your partner. Dance with them and try to mirror them in heys, sidesteps, etc.
o Be aware of lines, particularly when dancing in multiple sets.
o Make eye contact with other dancers and interact.

Fieldtown – Steps


o Normally left foot start, but outside foot into hey.
o Arms go up on the feint step before the first beat, come down on 1st and 2nd beats go back up on the 3rd beat and remain up on the 4th beat.
o The main emphasis is on the 3rd beat when the arms and free leg both go strongly up.
o Should be a strong, powerful, driving step – with an emphasis on height, particularly on 3rd beat.

Backsteps – Feet Together Jump
o Start onto left foot.
o Make backsteps strong with a good spring on the hop.
o Arms extended horizontal during the backsteps.
o In the ftj, jump high, with arms extending fully upwards.
o If remaining stationary after the ftj (eg corner chorus), arms remain high for a count of 2 and
then wavers are flicked upwards as hand are brought down.

o Arms snap out horizontally extended on the hop of the preceding doublestep.
o Arms remain out horizontal to aid balance. Body is upright and head looking up.
o Free leg is raised with upper thigh horizontal and lower leg vertical (right angle at the knee).
o Free leg is turned out, not in front of body.
o The step is “spring-hop-hop” – get a bit of lift with it.
o The free foot should ideally do a couple of small circles in time with the “step-hop-hop”, but this
is a nicety. It is more important to get the timing and balance right.
o Keep the free leg up throughout the galley.
o Don’t let the lower leg swing back – it should remain vertical throughout.

Short Sidestep
o Sidestep left, sidestep right (one-two-three-hop, one-two-three-hop).
o Closed sidestep, ie free leg comes across in front of body.
o Arms/waver high and fully extended, same timing as for doublestep.
o Back leg kicks up behind body.
o Keep body upright throughout and head up – avoid falling forward.

Long Sidestep
o Sidestep left, doublestep, sidestep right (one-two-three-four, one-two-three-hop, one-two-three- hop).
o Same comments as for short sidestep.

Plain Capers
o Spring alternatively onto left foot, right foot.
o Arms start high and go down, up in time with the changes of feet.

Fore Capers / Beetlecrushers
o On a count of 4.
o Arms start (beat 1) and finish (beat 4) extended horizontally and balanced.
o Arms travel up, in and down on the 2nd beat, finishing at the side of the body, or slightly behind.
o Arms travel the reverse path on the 3rd beat.
o Left foot taps ground in front (beat 1), spring onto left foot (beat 2), spring onto right foot (beat
3), spring onto left foot (beat 4). Repeat, starting with right foot tap.
o Slight emphasis on the spring on beat 3, with arms rising up to assist.
o Keep the arms strong, balanced and simple. Guard against extra twirls
o Maintain balance.

Upright Capers
o On a count of 4.
o Arms start (beat 1) and finish (beat 4) extended horizontally and balanced.
o Arms travel up, in and down on the 2nd beat, finishing in front of the body (belt buckle).
o Arms travel the reverse path on the 3rd beat, emphasizing a high flourish.
o Left foot taps ground behind (beat 1), feet together (beat 2), jump and land (beat 3), right foot
out in front (beat 4). Repeat starting with right foot tap.

Fieldtown – Normal Figures

Foot Up, Foot Down
o Standing still at beginning, hands at belt buckle.
o “Up and out” on beats 3 and 4, into strong backsteps (onto left foot first), feet together jump
o 2 doublesteps up (left foot lead), galley out, ftj facing partner.
o Turn into foot down on feint step after ftj and then as for foot up.

Half Gyp
o At end of previous chorus, jump to left so facing a gap to left of partner. Dance straight across and straight back, finishing with jump to the right so facing gap to right of partner. Dance straight across and straight back.
o When doing backsteps, arms come out on 1st beat, in on 2nd beat, out on 3rd beat and in to the ftj.
o Keep in line. Line up on middle dancer.

Back to Back
o Dancing the shape of an isosceles triangle. Start at angle to left of partner, one double step to travel past partner, one doublestep to travel to the right behind partner, 2 backsteps, ftj.
o When doing backsteps, arms come out on 1st beat, in on 2nd beat, out on 3rd beat and in to the ftj.
o Repeat along reverse path.
o Keep in line. Line up on middle dancer.

o All dancers except #1 and #5 turn out.
o 1 doublestep round circle, 1 doublestep into the middle, 2 backsteps out into circle, ftj to turn
anticlockwise and return to place in the same way.
o In waver dances, the arms lift up and over with the 2 backsteps out.
o In stick dances, the sticks are held into the centre to meet.
o Normally aim to travel two places round the circle, although some dances require 3 places (or
o Keep the circle round and evenly spaced.

o Outside hand/foot lead.
o Normally 2 sidesteps, 2 backsteps, ftj – but some dances have a galley instead of the backsteps.
o For the hey without galleys, turn sharp to face along the line on the final hop of the 2nd sidestep, with the arms snapping out ready for the backsteps.
o For the hey with galleys, face partner at the end of the 2nd sidestep for a momentary pause before the galley out. Arms snap out for the galley.

All Up
o Normally 4 plain capers to finish with left foot slightly raised.
o Arms finish high and are held there until #1 brings his hands down (normally on the cont of 4).

Fieldtown – Special Figures

Jimmy Page Roll
o All face middle of set. All left sidestep into middle of set. Right sidestep to pass others, turning left shoulder back to face centre. Momentary pause with arms snapped out before galley left
into opposite position in the set.